Locally based singer partners with Masks for Marquette for musical fundraiser

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Masks for Marquette is a group raising funds to make masks for healthcare workers. There is a shortage of the official N95 masks across the country, and these homemade masks can serve as a help until healthcare professionals can get access to the proper equipment.

Anna Dravland with Yooper Goodness is partnering with Masks for Marquette for a special musical fundraiser. Marquette-based singer/songwriter Alyssa Palmer recently wrote a song for Spread Goodness Day, founded by Dravland. The two realized that Palmer’s song also had a perfect message for this community during the coronavirus pandemic.

When someone makes a donation to Masks for Marquette, they will receive a free download of Palmer’s song, “Give A Little.”

“Her song very much fits in exactly with what our community is showcasing and needing to add some color to our lives,” said Dravland. “And this is just a playful way to raise awareness for the Masks for Marquette GoFundMe and share an uplifting song and raise people’s spirits.”

It’s all about finding ways each of us can get involved. Dravland says that while we can’t all be nurses or EMTS, everyone has something to contribute.

“I think what’s really important is finding where you fit in this situation and how you can be an asset,” said Dravland. “Alyssa’s a musician, so she’s not necessarily going to sell masks. I’m disabled and immunocompromised, so I can’t fight the same way other people are fighting. I think it’s important to look at our unique capabilities to support our community as much as we can and to raise awareness that there are a lot of different ways that we can support our community, and in your own way.”

Palmer is excited to contribute her song to this project. She hopes that “Give a Little” will not only help to raise funds for Masks for Marquette, but that it will also give a little hope and happiness to everyone who hears it.

“I think at this time a lot of us are wondering, ‘How can I do my small part in any way?'” said Palmer. “Music just comes naturally to me, and I thought, ‘How can I use my music and my gifts to brighten people’s days or encourage people to help others?’ So it’s really special for me that I can do something I love and kind of have a ripple effect into other ways in helping encourage people to help others. I hope when people hear this song and they really hear the lyrics and the happiness in it, it encourages them to give a little; do a little something bright in their day. It says, ‘Open up the curtains, let the sun in,’ especially right now. And it just reminds people to still do things they enjoy. Just doing a little of it can have a ripple effect.”

To donate to Masks for Marquette, visit the official GoFundMe. To learn more about Alyssa Palmer, click here. Additional details can be found on the funraiser’s Facebook event page.