Local yoga instructor finds innovative way to teach during quarantine

ISHPEMING — After Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order, establishments such as gyms have been closed for weeks. The idea of maintaining physical health during the COVID19 situation is difficult, but some community members find new ways to make that possible.

“It’s something new that kind of popped up into my mind,” said Pam Roose, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Inspiring roots in Ishpeming, Michigan. “I work with a company out of New York, it’s called Fruit Street. They provide me with this online platform to coach on my own. I thought wow; I can do groups up to 30 people; why not try and do this for yoga while we can’t meet.”

Pam Roose teaches yoga at The Joy Center in Ishpeming, Michigan. When she was unable to continue with face to face yoga classes, she reached out to numerous community members about online yoga, and the idea was well received.

“Currently there are 18 signed up,” said Roose. “Last night I received a request from someone I don’t even know from West Virgina that they want to join in the fun too.”

While the bases of online yoga is to maintain physical health, Pam also believes these online gatherings helps with maintaining ones mental health.

“I think in the long run; especially with the time that we’re having to stay away from each other, that when we have an opportunity to connect in some way and as a group and laugh, that really does help our mental health,” Roose said. “It will help us to get through this crisis that’s going on right now.”

If you would like to sign up Pam’s free online yoga classes, click here for more information. Her sessions are Tuesday and Thursdays at 7PM and Saturday mornings at nine.