Local law enforcement, jail adjusting to new coronavirus parameters

MARQUETTE — The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone across the nation to make adjustments to their daily lives, and law enforcement has been no exception.

One of the biggest ways people are fighting the spread of COVID–19 is by distancing themselves from others. This may be difficult to do for officers of the law and those in jail. However, the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office is altering their jail system to protect themselves and others.

“We’re doing our part trying to limit the access,” said Marquette County Sheriff Greg Zyburt. “So families of people that have someone in jail, we are doing our best and we’re doing everything that we can to limit the contact with the general public so it is not brought into the jail.”

Some of the preventive measures the jail is taking include isolation for new inmates for 14 days.

Video visitation of inmates have already been in place for the last 3 years, substituting for in–person contact.

Mail for inmates has been replaced with e–messaging, where loved ones can send texts that are printed out and given to inmates.

The jail population has been down, due to nonviolent, non–aggressive inmates being released. If an inmate tests positive for the coronavirus, plans are in place to prevent a further spread within the jail.