Pathways Community Mental Health still offering some services during pandemic

MARQUETTE — Pathways Community Mental Health is taking many steps to assure the safety of their staff, as well as, the well-being of anyone in need of mental health services. The group has immediately suspended a large amount of programs and appointment s for 30 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pathways will continue to provide 24/7 Crisis services, which can be reached by calling (1-888-PATHWAY). The groups goal is still to be able to work and support members of the community while decreasing any risk of exposure.

“So we are still open and we still provide Crisis Services to people, we still provide therapy, case management services and things along those lines,” said Chad Hale, Clinical Practices Supervisor for Pathways Community Mental Health. “Most of these services we are trying to provide through video or over the telephone. That isn’t ideal, but is working for many people.”

Pathways is also taking many precautions when individuals do come into the building as well. Some these precautions include taking temperatures multiple times in the lobby. The group also sanitizes a room completely down after use to ensure a safer environment for anyone who may visit the facility.

For more information on Pathways and what services are being offered you can click here.