“Keep Calm and Yooper On” t-shirts are uniting the people of the UP

MARQUETTE — “Keep Calm and Yooper On” is a new phrase that was created by the people of the UP to get through the tough times of Covid-19.

During this Coronavirus pandemic, many local businesses have embraced the message of “Keep Calm and Yooper On.”

“If the staff is feeling that happiness, that’s going to radiant out to all the customers that’s coming into the store too,” said Sarah Monte, Outreach Director at Marquette Food Co–op. “Gestures of good will are so important during a time when we’re feeling a sense of isolation from one another and losing that sense of connectivity. So the more we can do to keep fostering that sense of connectivity, the better were all going to feel through this.”

The statement seems like a simple one, but its impact can be very powerful. The saying came after the Upper Peninsula had a day for spreading joy in Spread Goodness Day on Friday, March 13th .

“I think this shows that some people in the community, their keeping that sort of ethic in their minds all the time. They don’t need a special day, they’re going to keep it going everyday; even in a time of crisis,” Monte added.

“Keep Calm and Yooper On” is spreading quickly through the Upper Peninsula.

“The narrative is that we’re all upset inside, worrying and love our community very much,” said Christal Silta, owner of Third Street Bagel. “The slogan says join us and unite so we can feel together and less isolated.”

A list of current supporters of this message is as follows:

Marquette Food Co-op


The Delft

Border Grill

Suomi Restaurant 

Office Planning Group





Flagstaff Bank

Range Bank

Marquette Embroidery

Everyday Wines


Green Dog

Velodrome Coffee 

Third Street Bagel

Cafe Bodega

Quick Stop Bike Shop

Salon Salon

Marquette Fence

U.P. Pink Power

Start the Cycle

Cherry Creek Construction

A link for the shirt can be found here. A link for the printable poster can be found here.

You can also send a request for a free poster by emailing info@loyaltees.clothing.