Superior Health Foundation working with organizations to help U.P. Schools

MARQUETTE — In rapid response to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and its effects on school-age children in the Upper Peninsula, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is working with the Superior Health Foundation to get funds for students to eat.

These funds will be used to provide the opportunity for the Upper Peninsula to help with funding to public schools to ensure lunches are available for students. Blue Cross is committing $12,500 in its first phase of funding, while the Superior Health Foundation – a health-centered, non-profit organization in the Upper Peninsula which has readily agreed to act as the fiduciary of the funds – will provide $12,500 in matching funding.

“We also understand that in addition to the virus and health concerns, there are a number of concerns with parents and family members,” explained Jim LaJoie, Executive Director at the Superior health Foundation. “It’s about children and making sure they are fed. So that is a big part of our mission. It’s a big part of providing those health opportunities to take care of vulnerable folks. Our children are a precious commodity and we want to make sure that we do our part to help provide that funding.”

For schools to receive these funds they will need to go to the Superior Health Foundation’s website to apply for the funding. Click here to learn more.