Grandparents Teach, Too provides learning resources for families during Coronavirus pandemic

MARQUETTE — During these stressful times amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, it is always good to keep families active whether that is exercise, keeping busy, or continuing to work on academics. One group is stressing these activities, and has tips for the public on how to go about doing some of them.

Grandparent’s Teach Too is a group that focuses on contributing ideas and ways to help engage and educate students and young parents. Now that schools have been closed and pushed to operate online, it’s always a good idea to keep a normal schedule and lifestyle, even during a pandemic. The group would like you to also remember not to worry, and stay calm while undergoing these stressful times.

“I think we should think that, you know we are Americans, we are tough, we are Yoopers and we are going to get through this together,” explained Iris Katers, Founder of Grandparents Teach, Too. “It’s going to be ok.”

For access to more information about the group and learning about more resources you can click here.