27th Annual Trenary Outhouse Classic sees large turnout

TRENARY –The 27th Annual Trenary Outhouse Classic happened this past Saturday and it brought many groups from around the U.P. to the small town. The event hosted by the town of Trenary saw hundreds of people flock to the main street to watch over a dozen different outhouse race.

The president of the event is always happy to see so many people come out to support the tradition and to also support the small U.P. town.

“It is important for our community,” Explained Mimi Cady, President of the Trenary Outhouse Classic Committee. “They rely on this event to do some things in our town, help with our school and our other local nonprofits.”

It isn’t just the sheer numbers that come to the event that surprise the people of Trenary, but more of the fact where they come from.

“That is really amazing to know that we are reaching so many people in so many areas,” said Mimi. “It is overwhelming to see when that happens. We have even had people from Japan before, so it is pretty crazy.”

Yoopers from all over the peninsula love to come and support other U.P. towns, and be involved with great traditions that really help the U.P. region stand out in the Midwest.

“Alright if you have never been to the outhouse races then this is a real treat for ya,” explained Justin Berkel, Ishpeming local attending the event. “We got custom outhouse races from all the U.P. contestants and they just push it down the track as fast as they can. It is just a great time. You know its not just about the race though because it is also about the community. It’s also just about getting together and having a great time.”

For more information about the event you can click here.