Getting ready for the Trenary Outhouse Classic Race

TRENARY — The U.P. is known for a lot of unique events, and the Trenary Outhouse Classic is no exception.

Homemade outhouses are made of wood, cardboard, plastic, tape, grand piano crates, you name it someone’s tried it. The outhouses are placed on skis and pushed by 2 Runners in a chance to win but also have a good time. Each year the theme of the race varies and this year the contest will all be about Leap Year.

Not only is this a large tradition for the community, but is also an important event that gives the younger generations a chance to get involved.

“We always encourage the youth, please come help us, we would love the younger generation to be a part of this,” explained Mimi Cady, President of the Trenary Outhouse Classic Committee. “In fact we have had some of the youth in government to come help with cleanup. My son now will be coming with his friends and helping set things up and do other things. So this is a good thing for them to get a feel for what this is really about. It’s not just about a party, it’s about trying to help our community.”

This event happens every year on the last Saturday of February. All the proceeds from the event go right back into the community of Trenary.