Assistant Attorney General working out of NMU

MARQUETTE — A new face will be seen around NMU as the Michigan Attorney General has brought the satellite office in the Upper Peninsula back into the fold.

At the helm of the new office is Jessica Pelto, a native to the U.P. and will now be in charge of the newly established office. Originally from Rapid River and an NMU Alumnus, Pelto is excited to provide more support and help the courts. In the past, Lansing would send attorneys up to deal with the multitude of cases that would be presented up in the U.P.

With this many cases represented in the U.P. it only made more sense to have someone up there full-time.

“Having someone right here in Marquette that they can talk to, call, know they are a local, and have that face to face time with them only helps doing the job,” explained Jessica Pelto, Assistant Attorney General. “It also helps them out when they find themselves involved with legal issues too. So I think it is a benefit in a lot of aspects.”

If you need to reach the Assistant Attorney General’s Office for the Upper Peninsula, call the MDOC division at (517) 335-3055.