Ishpeming City Manager looking to focus on heritage for the future of Ishpeming

ISHPEMING — Craig Cugini started his position as the city manager 11 days ago, and is learning his way around the city.

While he is getting the lay of the land, he is also taking a closer look at what some of the city’s main issues are, and how they can start to tackle these problems. A few of those issues are in regard to the city’s blight problem, and the infrastructure. Cugini is also looking to help strengthen Ishpeming’s heritage through the culture that the Ski Hall of Fame brings to the city of Ishpeming.

“We’ve got to get after our heritage,” explained Craig Cugini, Ishpeming City Manager. “Within our heritage we are the Ski Hall of Fame and we got to get out and support the hall of fame. We have to get after our ski clubs, trails and getting after our biking trails and look at why are we here. As well as, what brought Ishpeming and Marquette County to thrive and start supporting those things because we got to tell the world about those things.”

Cugini will also be looking for ways to bring NMU and its students to the town of Ishpeming, so that the city can begin to thrive more economically and socially within the county and the U.P.