NMU competing with other schools to get students registered to vote

MARQUETTE — With the presidential election coming up, 2020 is an important voting year. One local university is working towards getting all of its students registered to vote.

Northern Michigan University’s governing student body, ASNMU, is working closely with the Campus Vote Project to boost student turnout at the polls.

“Their opinions matter,” said Emma Drever, Assembly Chair for ASNMU. “We’re the future generation, we’re coming up in the workforce. The way that politics is shaping the world is going to affect us immensely as we leave college and enter professional careers.”

The effort is a result of Michigan’s Secretary of State launching an initiative called “All In,” which pushes for universities across the state to increase student election participation.

Universities are competing across the state to see who can have the highest percentage students voting.

ASNMU has booths set up around campus all week, where students can get registered to vote ahead of the primaries.

About 36% of people ages 18–29 voted in 2018, which was up 79% from 2014, when about 20% of people from that age demographic voted [source].