Marquette clothing brand Wired Kitten to benefit Superior Watershed Partnership with designs by local artists

MARQUETTE — Brandon Bodnar is the Founder and CEO of clothing brand Wired Kitten. But this isn’t your run–of–the–mill clothing company. Wired Kitten is designed to combat social issues by partnering with exclusively local artists. Throughout the month of February, Wired Kitten is bringing the community together in support of the Superior Watershed Partnership.

“Every single month we pick a different social cause to focus on,” said Bodnar. “So every single month we go through and we highlight the different issues that are associated with the cause, we work to educate people on that cause and how they can help assist, and we also help highlight leaders in the community that go out and work against that cause. So in this case we’re working with the Superior Watershed Partnership to be able to help support them and help educate people on what they do in the local area.”

The Superior Watershed Partnership is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent pollution in the Great Lakes. Marquette area artists created these unique designs to raise funds to help the Superior Watershed Partnership and to spread the world about what they do. 20% of the profits brought in from these designs will go toward the Superior Watershed Partnership.

The lakes are an important part of the local culture. Another integral aspect of Marquette’s culture is art. Bodnar says that art speaks volumes about the identity of this community and what matters most to it.

“Especially in this area, art is very much something that brings people together. It’s something that when you walk outside you can connect with it; you can really feel what the community is all about,” said Bodnar. “And that’s really something that is related here in all of the artwork that is in Marquette and the local area. The art itself speaks of the community and what we care about and what’s important to us. More than anything I think that’s what art describes in this area.”

In the coming months, Bodnar hopes to collaborate with more local artists to support causes like the Superior Watershed Partnership. Wired Kitten is always looking for graphic designers to partner with, and by doing so, Bodnar plans to do even more for the Marquette area and the people who make it so special.

“There’s a lot of things that we want to do moving forward,” said Bodnar. “We want to be more involved in the local community, actually going out and doing projects in the area, helping out with local organizations. Our goal is really to do as much as we possibly can to be able to help the people that are looking to help others in the local community. So as long as we’re able to do that and we’re able to keep moving forward, that’s the most important thing.”

To check out the designs available this month or to learn more about Brandon Bodnar and his passion, visit, or follow Wired Kitten on Facebook or Instagram.