Neuro-experts give presentation on aging and fighting forgetfulness

MARQUETTE — Forgetfulness often comes with age, and in some cases, forgetfulness can be an indicator of a medical condition. On Monday night, a forum was held to help people combat both issues.

The Northern Center for Lifelong Learning (NCLL) hosted a presentation featuring two experts, neurosurgeon Dr. Sonia Geschwindt and neuropsychologist Dr. Amanda Johnson, to talk about brain structure and issues people might face as they age.

“We have a lot of seniors, a lot of retired people in our community,” said Paula McCormick, an event coordinator for the NCLL. “And we thought that maybe an event pertaining to how the brain functions and as we age, things that can happen to us, and how it might relate to brain injuries or tumors or whatever, so we thought this would be a good topic.”

Attendees learned about natural tendencies of an aging brain, along with abnormal behaviors that might indicate medical conditions.

Also taught at the presentation was physical and mental exercises one can do to promote positive health and mental acuteness.

Some of these include reducing alcohol intake, constantly learning, getting out of the house, and developing new hobbies.

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