Houghton Police Department warns of scam phone calls

HOUGHTON — The Houghton Police Department is addressing the public’s concerns regarding scam phone calls.

The calls are being made using the Houghton Police Department’s phone number, a scam known as spoofing. The callers are claiming to be from the Society Security Office or with the IRS, and they say that there is an outstanding warrant. The scammer then advises the recipient of the call to purchase gift cards and send them to a specific address in order to avoid being arrested on the outstanding warrant. The callers say that this is by order of the police department, and fictitious officer names are being given out.

This is a scam and the Houghton Police Department advises anyone who may receive a call of this nature to not give away any information and not to send gift cards or money. The police never discusses warrants over the telephone. If anyone receives a suspicious phone call asking for money, they are asked to contact their local police department.