3rd-annual Sip and Spell mixes fundraising with beer and spelling

MARQUETTE — Spelling bees are usually just for students, but that wasn’t the case Friday night.

For the third year in a row, the Peter White Public Library hosted the Sip and Spell– a unique fundraiser for the library that takes the classic spelling competition, and adds a twist geared towards adults.

“We wanted a fun event that was in the middle of winter, because we do a lot during the summer,” said Heather Steltenpohl, Development Director at the Peter White Public Library. “So this kind of breaks up the winter for us and [it’s] something different, something for adults too. We do a lot for our children, and this is just a fun night out for our adults.”

The competition, like the name suggests, involves contestants drinking beer while spelling various words.

However, this particular competition allows and encourages cheating, which participants or audience members were able to purchase to benefit their own team, or trip up other teams.

The funds raised from the competition will go towards the library’s general fund.

Sponsors for the event included Blackrocks Brewery, Double Trouble DJ’s, and the Radio Results Network.