Church opening its doors for UP 200, youth group to help Puerto Rico

MARQUETTE — A local church is using an upcoming event to connect with the community, while helping their youth group

The First Presbyterian Church, located in Marquette, will be opening their doors to the public for the UP 200, while also accepting donations to help a generous cause.

“We’re looking to do a warm-up event during the UP 200, where we’re going to open up our social hall to whoever would like to,” said Kelsey Nordengren, Christian Education Director at the church. “It’s a free event. We’ll have hot chocolate and coffee for anybody who would like to come down. We will be taking donations for our youth group, who is headed to Puerto Rico this summer on a mission trip.”

The church’s youth group will be traveling to Puerto Rico to assist in rebuilding areas affected by Hurricane Maria, and the recent earthquakes.

Donations of any amount will be accepted, and the church is always accepting donations.