MPD warns community of “prop money” circulating in community

MARQUETTE — The Marquette City Police Department is reminding everyone to check all bills that they receive, due to counterfeit money from china circulating in Marquette.

Many of the bills that have been reported show symbols of Chinese writing and are being called “prop money.” This fake tender is being used by people who try and pass it off as American currency.

U.S. currency has many security features that identify authenticity including watermarks, security threads, serial numbers and more. The best way to verify your bills is by checking for color-shifting ink, a tip that is recommended by the Marquette City Police Department.

“$20 and $100 bills are the ones that we are seeing,” said Detective Sgt.Chris Aldrich, Marquette Police Department. “So it is an ongoing problem with both counterfeit money and also movie/prop money. We have been seeing both used by people trying to pass it as legitimate currency.”

Detective Aldrich encourages everyone to check their bills and to call the Marquette City Police Department at 906-228-0400 if more bills are found. The department also asks if anyone suspects they have received any counterfeit money or know of any other information regarding the fake currency to notify the authorities.