MARQUETTE — Some groups in the UP could be in better positions for grants, thanks to a grant workshop held Thursday night.

Over 30 people from various groups gathered for a grant planning workshop, to focus on issues related to community health around the UP.

The goals is to get as many grants for UP groups as possible, so they will better equipped to solve health issues around the UP.

“If we can come together, form collaborative partnerships, we think we’ll be more competitive submitting those proposals,” said Steve Elmer, associate professor from Michigan Tech University. “We’ll be able to do better research, we’ll be able to do a better job improving the health of the community.”

The workshop is the first in a series of three, all designed to assist various groups in the grant process.

Representatives from Michigan Tech University, Northern Michigan University, Lake Superior State University, clinicians from local health systems, along with various non–profit groups were in attendance.