Annual UP 200 event is looking for volunteers

MARQUETTE COUNTY –The 30th anniversary and the 31st running of the annual UP 200 event is just around the corner and is in need of more volunteers.

The UP 200 is one of America’s premier 12-dog, mid-distance sled dog races and draws mushers from around the United States and Canada to the U.P. That race is approximately 230 miles long, which means volunteers will be scattered across the U.P. for the race.

The UP 200 event is still looking for volunteers for the upcoming race and other races that run along the same time.

“We do have people who volunteer and come from out of the area every year,” explained Darlene Walch, President of UP Sled Dog Association. “They drive out and make this their winter holiday. Those of us, who are involved with it, view it as a really neat experience to interact with a lot of people who are not normally here but come for the love of this event.”

Walch added, “We do need volunteers still. Some volunteers are needed for downtown and helping set up downtown. We also need coverage in road crossings.”

Other races involved during the UP 200 are the Midnight Run which is a 90 mile race, and the Jack Pine 30 which is 26 mile race. The racing event will be happening on February 14th through the 16th. To find more information about volunteering for this event you can click here.