“Vote and Be Counted” exhibit at Marquette Regional History Center highlights the census, elections, and women’s suffrage

MARQUETTE — A new special exhibit opened this week at the Marquette Regional History Center. The exhibit is titled “Vote and Be Counted,” and it takes a look at the history of elections and the census.

April 1st of this year is National Census Day. The “Vote & Be Counted” exhibit highlights the importance of being included in the census.

In addition to being a census year and an election year, 2020 is also the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote. The exhibit covers the history of women’s suffrage, political parties, presidential campaigns, and the taking of the census. It also focuses on both national and local aspects of these topics.

History Center Curator Jo Wittler says that looking at previous census records can provide valuable information about the history and future of local communities.

“As a historical organization, a library and an archive, we really value the census for the information it provides, not just today, which is important, but also in the future,” said Wittler. “We use it as a historic resource for family research and other research. You can learn a lot about our community and our families looking at these old documents, as well as all of the new information.”

“The Vote & Be Counted” exhibit is scheduled to be on display until June 6.

An opening reception will be held at the Marquette Regional History Center on January 29. The League of Women Voters will be presenting during the reception, which will be a celebration of the history of Women’s Suffrage.