HOUGHTON — Several people have been arrested in Iran over the downing of A Ukrainian passenger plane that killed 176 people. The crash has hit close to home in Houghton at Michigan Tech University where there are more than two dozen students from Iran. A moment of silence was held on campus Wednesday.

Michigan Tech has a reputation for being an international university. There are 53 people from Iran. That includes 40 students and 13 staff. Not surprising many of them have their own opinions about that recent plane crash. It’s why Wednesday afternoon students are gathered near the Husky statue to remember lives lost.

Amir is a Ph-D student and was rattled when he heard the news. It hits closer to home for him than most students. He says, “That could be really me, myself, could be my friends. And many of those who passed away they were friends of my friends.”

It’s especially hard with the current visa situation that restricts travel to Iran. Many students can only go home every 6 or 7 years depending on how turbulent things are.