Marquette Mountain, Rippling River Resort gearing up for Special Olympics’ Winter Games

MARQUETTE — The steady snowfall we’ve been seeing has set the perfect setting for a unique competition.

Marquette Mountain and Rippling River Resort are gearing up for the Winter Games of the Special Olympics.

The partnership helps both the sports being featured, along with the athletes participating in them.

“It benefits us by exposing as many people as we can to skiing,” said Kyle Lafrinere, Marketing and Events Coordinator at Marquette Mountain. “It benefits them because it’s a great opportunity for them to get out and ski. A lot of our race people help them learn techniques and other things like that, just getting proper form and everything. It’s a great cause for people to come out and support these athletes and everything that they’re training to do and everything they’re achieving.”

The events kick off tomorrow at 1 p.m. with a torch lighting and opening ceremony.

Around 50 athletes will be competing in events ranging from snowshoeing and cross country skiing, which is being held at Rippling River Resort, to alpine skiing and snowboarding, which is being held at Marquette Mountain.

The eventful day wraps up with an award ceremony at Marquette Mountain, followed by the closing ceremony.