Working through depression during the winter months

MARQUETTE COUNTY — It’s common with winter in full swing that people start to experience depression and a decline in mental health. Seasonal depression can affect many people in regions that receive very little sunshine during the winter months.

The longer winter season can increase many bad habits that will lead to depression. These habits can include staying inside to avoid frigid temperatures, being isolated which can cause a decrease in socialization, as well as, bad eating habits and less physical activity. Although, there are other factors that also play a part into depression and how the season can affect it.

“The further you get away from the equator the more likely you are to experience seasonal depression,” said Lynn Johnson, Crisis Supervisor at Pathways. “People also experience a significant change in their circadian rhythm when they start to sleep a lot more, which excessively can put a person at risk. Gender can also put someone at a greater risk because women are more likely to experience seasonal depression than men.”

Some tips to help with depression during these seasons include working out more frequently, eating healthier and getting outside to partake in outdoor activities. It’s also recommended to see your primary care physician to receive more in depth help when it comes to your mental and physical health.