Schools of choice and how it affects student athletes

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming Public School District is accepting new non-residential schools of choice applications for the second semester for grades starting at young 5’s through 12th grade.

Many students change schools for various reasons whether it’s for education, location or other opportunities. Some of those opportunities could be school programs or sports. One stipulation for athletes that switch into a new school is that it requires them to sit out of athletics for that semester when they arrive.

“If a student decides to go to a school of choice they have to sit out that semester for athletics,” explained Carrie Meyer, Superintendent for Ishpeming School District. “So there is a waiting period. Those athletes usually end up transferring, that they will try to time it so they are not sitting out during their primary sport.”

Applications are available from today to January 17th at the Birchview School, Superintendents office and or from the Ishpeming Schools website. Students must be residing in the Marquette – Alger Regional Education Service Agency area to utilize the program.

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