HOUGHTON COUNTY — Crews are continuing to work to clear trees and branches from trails across the Upper Peninsula including parts of Houghton County. This comes after the recent snow and ice storms. Despite the up and down temperatures snowmobilers are still finding a way to enjoy the outdoors.

Remember that day last week when we had those really strong high winds? Well, not surprising, it left a lot of downed trees on snowmobile trails across the state. The Department of Natural Resources has been working every since to clear paths across the U.P. because so many tourist make our area a destination this time of year just to ride.

There are two major trails in Houghton County. Trail three runs through Dollar Bay and Lake Linden but almost half of it has been shut down because of flooding issues.

Brian Goad is a frequent snowmobiler and says, “They’re working on them. I mean they’ll get them back up and going. So it puts a lot more traffic on 17, but we can’t ride anywhere else right now.”

Trail 17 basically runs from downtown Houghton, through Hancock, and up to the Calumet area.