How MQT Nutrition can help you with your health resolutions for 2020

MARQUETTE — Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, and over the last few days, we’ve been looking at different resolutions. Many peoples’ resolutions revolve around nutrition, and MQT Nutrition in Marquette is a great place to find resources that will help you achieve your health goals for 2020.

Making yourself aware of what you’re putting into your body each day can help get you on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. MQT Nutrition offers everything from health and nutrition coaching to vitamins, supplements, and smoothies.

Owner Jenna Neaves says beginning with smaller goals for each month of 2020 is one way to make your resolution more attainable.

“When you feel like you have a fresh start, that can be the best place to start,” said Neaves. “So going into January, my thing is always to set small goals that are maintainable for the long run. So going into January 2020, if you say, ‘I want to be healthier this year,’ break that down a little smaller. Maybe in the month of January you’re going to try to cut back on your sugars, or you’re going to increase the amount of vegetables and fruits that you’re eating. These are all great things that you can make part of your New Year’s resolution to get healthy in 2020, but to break it down into something more maintainable.”

One thing MQT Nutrition offers to help you with your New Year’s resolution is their meal prep service. The staff can help you figure out what type of meal is best for your individual goals, and their pickup schedule makes it convenient for you to plan out healthy eating habits.

“Our meal prep service is something we’ve grown over this past year, and we’re really proud of it,” said Neaves. “We have eight different options weekly. They’re all gluten and dairy free, and they’re also very macro-friendly. So no matter what type of lifestyle you’re leading, we do have something to fit you. We have fuel meals that are loaded with protein and carbohydrates and fats that will really get you going for the day, and then we also have lower-carb options, so if you’re following something like the keto diet, we have something that could work for you.”

You can visit MQT Nutrition to shop their selection of nutritious options or to speak with a nutrition coach about your goals for 2020. To check out the meal prep service or for additional information, you can visit their website.