Being safe and responsible on winter trails

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The trails across the Upper Peninsula have seen already two storms that have produced a large amount of snow. With that snow comes grooming and knowing how to be safe on the trails throughout the snowmobiling season.

Starting December 1st the season for snowmobiling started and that means winter trails will be seeing more traffic throughout the winter months. The Marquette County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to enjoy the season but also make sure that you are being safe and responsible as well. This includes having everything registered, using the correct gear and being cautious as well as defensive while out on the trails.

“Snowmobiling in Michigan is a huge industry,” explained Corporal Errol Lukkarinen, Marquette County Sheriff’s Office. “Snowmobilers need to be respectful to the areas where they are snowmobiling. They need to make sure their snowmobiles are registered, making sure they have trail permits on the snowmobiles and making sure they have the proper riding attire. They also need to make sure to be wearing their helmets and that they are properly outfitted for the environment. Snowmobilers also still ne to use caution on the trails, because some of the trails may not have been maintained yet.”

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