Outdoor ice rinks in Marquette opening soon

MARQUETTE — With winter in full effect, one the UP’s most popular past times is about to begin—outdoor ice skating.

The city of Marquette is currently prepping the ice rinks to be available for public use as early as this week. Ice skating is a popular activity where people of all ages can get outside and enjoy winter weather free of charge.

“Our public’s works crew is working on building the ice rinks as we speak,” said Michael Anderson, Parks and Recreation Coordinator for the City of Marquette. “We’re hoping to have them ready by the end of the week. They’re free and open to the public so if you want to bring your family there on a Saturday afternoon, it’s a great opportunity to get outdoors and do some skating outside. The city will keep them open as long as it’s feasible to keep them open. So as long as weather is permitting, and the rinks can stay frozen and we can continue to maintain them and keep them safe, we will keep them open.”

If you would like to contact the City of Marquette for more information on the ice rinks, their number is 906-228-0435