Women’s Center holding “Circle of Hope,” a sexual assault support group

MARQUETTE — The Women’s Center in Marquette is revitalizing a group to support survivors of sexual assault.

The group, called Circle of Hope, is open for everyone who is a survivor of sexual assault.

The goal of the group is to not only support one another, but also to help survivors heal.

“I really think that being able to talk about what’s going on, whether that’s in a group or journaling, survivors need to be able to release that in some way,” said Michelle Fortunato, Sexual Assault Program Coordinator. “And so these groups help to develop the skills and techniques to be able to do that.”

The group will start meeting on December 4th, and will meet every Wednesday for 12 weeks at 5:30 pm at the Women’s Center in Marquette.

If you are interested in the group sessions, or for one–on–one help, call the Women’s Center at (906) 225-1346.

For more information on the Women’s Center, visit their website here.