NMU community comes together for third annual Day of Giving

MARQUETTE — Giving Tuesday is recognized every year in the United States the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. On December 3, Northern Michigan University held their third annual Day of Giving.

The NMU Day of Giving is a chance for alumni, supporters, family, and friends of the university to give back. The NMU Foundation is accepting cash donations or contributions to the university’s Food Pantry until midnight.

Andy Hill, Associate Director of Annual Giving for the NMU Foundation, says that the Day of Giving is a great opportunity for the community to help students in need.

“We have a great community that wants to see our students succeed,” said Hill. “So by giving back, you’re playing an active role in being a part of their education and the opportunities that they have available to them every single year. So even though Giving Day is one day a year, that impact is seen every year. Giving grows, and really what we’re trying to do today is give the world more Northern.”

The NMU Food Pantry has been collecting donations of food and personal care items throughout the day. Food Pantry items are available all year long for students, faculty, and staff in need. The donation goal for this year’s NMU Day of Giving is 2,000 items.

Student and Food Pantry intern CJ Maresh says that not only does this event contribute toward a great cause, it also brings the NMU community together each year.

“I think this event is one of the best ways to show how strong NMU is, especially with being so isolated up here,” said Maresh. “It’s just a really great opportunity to see how students and the NMU community can come together. Essentially, we’re all in this together, and we’re all trying to get our education, so supporting one another through food insecurity and fighting that hunger is one of the most basic and essential aspects of that.”

If you weren’t able to stop by the NMU Food Pantry to donate a food or personal care item, you can still make a financial donation for the Day of Giving until midnight by clicking here.