Coast Guard reminds public how to be safe on the ice

MARQUETTE — With the winter season in full swing we are starting to see a lot of snow and ice in the Upper Peninsula. This is also the time of the year that the Coast Guard will be reminding people to be careful when venturing on and by the water.

The Coast Guard wants to remind the public to make a serious investment and commitment to ice safety, since varying levels of ice thickness are common on the Great Lakes. If people do choose to go on to the ice, they should remember the acronym I.C.E., “Intelligence, Clothing, and Equipment.” This acronym asks anyone venturing out to know the weather conditions, wear safe and warm vibrant clothing. Also have the correct survival equipment with you in case of falling through the ice. These can include ice picks, life jackets and a way to call for help. Most importantly never go alone and be safe when helping someone else in a dangerous situation.

“If you notice somebody who has fallen through the ice or if someone needs help; the biggest thing you can do to help first responders is to help paint the picture,” said Operations Petty Officer Terry Bailey, USCG Marquette. “But also stay on scene as long as you can while keeping yourself safe and don’t put yourself in harm’s way.”

While the Coast Guard understands winter recreation on cold water and ice around the Great Lakes is a tradition, it is important to take safety measures. If you are ever in an emergency you can call 911 for rescue services.