Nothern Vegans hosting 13th annual Thanksgiving Vegan Potluck on Thursday

NEGAUNEE — A local vegan group is offering an animal cruelty–free Thanksgiving meal this Thursday.

At 12:30 p.m. on November 28, Northern Vegans will be holding their 13th annual Thanksgiving Vegan Potluck at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Negaunee. The Thanksgiving Potluck has become one of the group’s biggest events each year.

Anyone is welcome to come, and attendees are asked to bring a vegan dish to share. If you are unable to bring a dish, Northern Vegans asks that you would consider giving a $5 donation.

Northern Vegans founding member and board member Kevin Crupi says guests will find that a vegan Thanksgiving dinner is just as delicious as a traditional one.

“We encourage everybody to come on out,” said Crupi. “We’re hoping that they’re going to find that all of the food is really delicious. They have some alternatives to turkey, such as tofurkey, and they’re delicious. I think if people come out, even if they’re not vegan already, they’ll find that the food is very good. I’ve been vegan for 25 years now, and I’ve never had a bad dinner at Thanksgiving.”

Guests are asked to bring their own dinnerware to the meal on Thursday. If you’d like to learn more about Northern Vegans and which foods are appropriate for the Thanksgiving Vegan Potluck, you can visit the Nothern Vegans website or Facebook page.