Kaufman Foundation annual “Coats for Kids” program

MARQUETTE — The Kaufman Foundation donated over $4000 worth of winter gear to the Marquette Area Public Schools as part of an annual program called “Coats for Kids.” 

Winter jackets, boots, gloves and hats were all donated to the school district to help provide adequate winter apparel for any student that may not be able to afford them. The Kaufman foundation and school handed out the first big shipment of coats to kids on Tuesday.

“We had over $4000 worth of gear,” said Bill Saunders, Superintendent of Marquette Area Public Schools. “We get this gear at a substantial discount so we can buy almost twice as much. We continue to see more and more students that are unable or at least at this point and time don’t have the means to have the necessary gear to protect themselves from those harsh elements. That’s just a growing gap that we see in our community and we are trying to meet that need.” 

MAPS is incredibly grateful to the Kaufman Foundation’s sponsorship for this gift. The school will identify other kids who need winter clothing and supply them with new winter clothes when the next shipment arrives.