Young hunters can partake in Mentored Youth Hunting Program

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Regular Firearm Season is just 2 days away and it is a great time young hunters to get out and get into the sport. One program at the DNR is helping allow younger hunters to do just that. I got a chance to talk with an official at the DNR about the program. Let’s take a look.

The Mentored Youth Hunting Program allows hunters 9 years of age and younger to hunt with a mentor who is at least 21 years of age and is an experienced hunter with a valid Michigan hunting license.

“So they have to have hunting experience and so they would need to have a license themselves,” explained Brian Roell, Wildlife Biologist for the DNR. “They also have to be within arm’s length of the youth. So it doesn’t mean a hunter can put a youth in a stand and then go to your own stand. You need to always sit with that youth and be in close contact. This because it allows us to show them and get them excited about how to hunt.”

This program allows young people to get out and participating while also learning the skills and the art of hunting. They will also have access to a multitude of different hunting tags to try out.

“It is a good opportunity for young people to get out and try a bunch of different types of hunting,” said Roell. “Some of the hunting tags range from waterfowl, other small game and even deer. They will have to apply for a bear or an elk tag.”

Antler restrictions will not be applied to youth who are going through this program. This will allow younger hunters to have a better chance of taking home a deer.

“It also allows them take any deer,” explained Roell. “So even if they are in a D.M.U. that would usually not allow antler less to be taken, they will be able to if they are on that license. It gives more opportunity for the young hunters to be successful. It also just puts someone in a blind with them to watch them, help them and to show them the whole process.”

The Mentored Youth Hunter license and kill tags shall remain valid for the duration of the license year, even if the mentored youth turns 10 years old throughout the season

The MYH package license cost is $7.50 with option to add other tags such as elk and bear for and extra cost. For more information you can click here.