US-41 Roundabout construction project finishing for season

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — The long road construction project on US–41 in Marquette Township will be coming to a close for the winter. The two new roundabouts will be complete open, and the temporary lights will be taken down throughout the day tomorrow.

Drivers should be aware that speed limits will return to their normal limits throughout the area, and now there will be traffic crossing in the roundabouts as well.

“Now those roundabouts will be functioning, so people need to drive accordingly,” said MDOT Communications Representative Dan Weingarten. “Use some caution when you’re in the area, and remember when you’re approaching a roundabout to slow down, pick your lane based on your final destination and don’t stop or change lanes once you’re in the roundabout. And of course remember to yield to traffic that’s already in the roundabout.”

But drivers should be aware that the entire project will not be completely finished just yet, and orange cones will still be out on the highway throughout the winter until more work resumes in the spring.

“The median still has to be constructed, the grassy area between the east-bound and west-bound lanes, that’s going to be constructed next year,” said Weingarten. “There’s some concrete work on the splitter-islands that lead you into the roundabouts that need to be done next year. The temporary drives into Walmart and Best Buy need to be removed next year, and then there’s landscaping and vegetation planting and things like that.”

Weingarten also said that there will still be Michigan left turns set up for people to be able to safely change directions between the roundabouts.

The new multi-use tunnel that goes under the highway is complete, but the trail through the tunnel still has to be surfaced next year. Until then, the tunnel will be open to snowmobilers throughout the winter.

Drivers should be careful throughout the day tomorrow as crews are doing sign–work and removing temporary lights.