Checking equipment before hunting season begins in the U.P.

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Regular firearm season is kicking in on November 15th and it is important to get your guns cleaned and checked out before heading out hunting.

When it comes to firearm safety for hunting it’s always important to look over your equipment. Always be on the lookout for any damage to the firearms being used for the season. Keeping guns cleaned is just as important as well. Taking your firearm to a shop to get sighted and checked is also recommended.

“First thing I would say is when you take your gun out for the year is to go get it sighted in,” said Scott Shimon, Store Manager at Lake Michigan Armory. “Before you do get it sighted in you want to get it checked and functioning properly. Always make sure you have the right ammo, and making sure it is still good and not corrosive. Check the barrels of your firearms, actions and see if it is all clean and operating right.”

While out hunting it is also good to have an article of clothing that is orange when out in the woods hunting. For more information about hunting safety and shops to get weapons checked you can click here.