U.P. Lawmaker fighting gun tax

Northwood Sporting Goods-Hancock


Hancock–Some U.S. cities are trying to get a higher tax added to gun sales, this in the wake of several recent mass shootings. But, one U.P. lawmaker is fighting the effort saying it goes against basic rights.

Some gun shop owners across the country are up in arms about a new proposed ordinance that would add a $25 dollar tax on all gun purchases. This after recent mass shootings in El Paso, Dayton, Ohio, and northern California.

Grant Johnson is a gun owner and feels the move would be pointless saying, “There’s ways to get them on the black market, whatever it is so. Keeping them out of the hands of responsible citizens isn’t going to do much.”

At least one Michigan lawmaker agrees. State Rep. Beau Lafave is fighting for gun shop owners like Rick Freeman in Hancock. A recent proposed bill by Lafave would exempt firearms and ammunition from sales tax.

Rick Freeman of Northwood Sporting goods sales 30 guns a month. Of the whole gun controversy he says, “Once people get it in their head, they have some issues with something and that’s when things go haywire.”

He and his wife have been in Hancock 33 years and depend on gun sale revenue. They say no law or tax can address gun violence. In his eyes more gun taxes mean fewer people buy.

State Rep. Lafave agrees. House bills 4863 and 4864 have both been referred to the house on tax policy and are awaiting testimony and voting to see if guns and ammo in Michigan will be exempt from sale tax.