MARQUETTE — An open forum regarding the cannabis industry earlier today gave unique insight to attendees.

The forum, held on NMU’s campus, featured industry experts giving insight on the latest in everything cannabis.

Forums like these, according to one of the key speakers, helps to break the stigma surrounding cannabis.

“They’re helpful because students can set the future,” said Scott Kuzdzal, Vice President of Shimadzu Corporation. “We can overcome decades of stigma around a plant that just wants to heal people. It can also heal the earth through bioremediation. We need to move these forward, and we need to let this plant actually do its healing.”

Representatives from Shimadzu Corporation, Green Peak Innovations, and Orion GMP Solutions spoke at the forum.

Many topics were covered, ranging from the issues surrounding marijuana nomenclature, strain continuity, among others.

This forum was held in conjunction with a new lab opening on NMU’s campus, which will feature stat–of–the–art equipment donated by Shimadzu Corporation.

The opening of that lab will be tomorrow at 1 pm.