MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University will be hosting its 19th Annual Sonderegger Symposium on Friday, November 1.

This is a free event that will be held from 8am to 5pm at the Northern center. This is a symposium that’s open to the public with free lunch and refreshment to anyone who attends.

“A lot of people think of Native American culture as something of the past,” said Daniel Truckey, Director at Beaimier Upper Peninsula Heritage Center. “In facts its a living vibrant culture and their are also many issues. So its really just to focus on those issues from their (Native Americans) perspective and also historical perspective. Help people understand that this is a living culture. It’s not something that’s just in the past but it’s also today in contemporary culture.” 

The event is one of many Events that will be occurring during November, which is Native American Heritage month at Northern Michigan University. For more information, click here.