4th Annual Yooper Uke Week ends this Saturday

MARQUETTE COUNTY — The 4th Annual Yooper Uke Week began Monday October 28th and is still providing a packed schedule for everything ukulele until Saturday the 2nd of November.

Ben Hassenger worked with the Hiawatha Music Co-op to put this week together and bring some music to people’s lives.

“I thought Yooper Uke Week had a good ring to it,” said Ben Hassenger, Ukulele Musician. “So I said let’s get something started up here with some of the similar things I do down state. They were ready to jump on that. So we just kind of kept putting it together and it just grew organically over the years.”

With the growth of this popular instrument in the Marquette County it has become a large week full of fun. Ben Hassenger has brought this unique instrument to many students across the county and even to older individuals as well.

“This provides programs within the schools, nursing home and veterans facilities,” explained Susan Bertram, Hiawatha Music Co-op Board Member. “We even offer workshops, concerts and strums. It is just a great way to bring the community together. It is also a great way to educate people about traditional music and the ukulele.”

To find out more information about the events going on this week you can click here