Marquette County Sheriffs Office responds to different calls

MARQUETTE COUNTY –Search and Rescue volunteers from the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office responded to two calls Monday, October 28th, in the evening. 

According to the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office, volunteers were first called to Republic Township for a lost hunter. The hunter was found before the volunteers arrived.The team was then called to Hogback Mountain in Marquette Township for two lost hikers.

Along with deputies, the volunteers found the hikers at the summit of the mountain in good condition around 9:10 p.m. Authorities say 32-year-old Matthew Strong and 23-year-old Katherin Ducsay, both of Marquette, went for a hike in the area around 5:00 p.m.

The hikers got lost on the trails and ended at the summit of Hogback Mountain. It was dark so they called 911 and waited for rescuers. The hikers were then escorted to their vehicle without further incident.