Safe Schools press conference announces second school district resource officer

MARQUETTE — A special press conference for the Marquette Area Public Schools was held Monday afternoon where a special announcement was made regarding school safety.

The Marquette City Police Department was excited to announce the addition of a second school resource officer that will be implemented into the school district. The process of adding another school resource officer to the district for school safety has taken just over 3 years. This was due to finding additional funding to support this new asset to the communities schools.
Not only was this recommended by a specialist but it also helps ease the minds of many and that the young students in the Marquette area will be watched over even closer.

“Just the presences of officers in the schools just helps alleviate any potential threats that we may see come into our schools,” said Blake Rieboldt, Marquette Chief of Police. “We are just really excited about this partnership.”

The yearly funding came from the Marquette Area Public Schools, the City of Marquette and the Kaufman Foundation. The Kaufman Foundation has consistently been about advancing students lives in the Marquette area. The foundation was also very pleased to be a part of this partnership to further secure the safety of MAPS students.

“When it comes to the safety and security of our youngsters, which is the future of our community, that is priority number one,” explained Peter Kaufman, Board Member of Kaufman Foundation. “Our foundation is designed to enhance the benefit of children in the greater Marquette area. So we think that this is one of the best programs that we do.”

The police department says that it is important to have more officers patrolling schools. This is not only just to protect these students, but to also build strong relationships within the community.