Pets helping with National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

MARQUETTE — October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and people all around the world are getting involved to show their support.

The Marquette women’s center hosted the Purple Pet Parade at Marquette Commons on the evening of October 9th. This event was held in order to help raise awareness about domestic violence in the month of October as well as support the people and animals who have survived it.

“Pets are apart of our families and we want to be able to include the pest in any kind ending domestic violence or rent side services that we provide,” said Cindi Depetro, Office Coordinator at the Women’s Center. “We have our Sasawin program and other services for domestic violence survivors. So we thought we’d do a pet walk. Something a little different, something a little fun and for some of us they’re just as important as our children. We want to keep them safe and we want to be able to include them in everything.”

Participants were really happy with the turn out and believe the event was able to accomplish the goal of showing support for all.