Halloween Superstore in Westwood Mall offers large selection of Halloween costumes and decorations

MARQUETTE — Tuesday is the first day of October, which means it is officially Halloween season. It also means that one popular seasonal store is back in business again.

Since first opening in 2008, Halloween Superstore opens at the end of August at a different location around the area each year. This year, the store is located inside the Westwood Mall in Marquette.

Halloween Superstore offers an enormous supply of everything you need to get ready for Halloween, including decorations, animated displays, accessories and, of course, costumes.

“We carry tons of merchandise,” said Gail Lessard, owner of Halloween Superstore. “We have a huge selection of everything from licensed costumes to any kind of wig or hat you can imagine. We also have a lot of themes, like superhero, witch, pirate, Stranger Things, and Game of Thrones. We also have a lot of animated figures, so people just come in here for entertainment as well.”

Halloween Superstore is full of interactive displays, as well as fitting rooms so you’re sure to choose just the right Halloween costume for you.

Whether you’re into trick–or–treating for candy or testing your bravery in a haunted house, Halloween Superstore has something for everybody.

“Kids always celebrate Halloween,” said Lessard. “Adults celebrate more when it lands on a weekend, but it’s for every age. From toddlers to senior citizens, everybody loves Halloween.”

If you’d like to check out the Halloween Superstore for yourself, it will be open in the Westwood Mall until the 1st or 2nd of November.