Calumet celebrates Hockeyville with Red and Blue Celebration ahead of big game

CALUMET — Our continuing coverage of Hockeyville Week continues with a dinner celebration that was held in Calumet.

People from around the UP gathered in the Calumet Readiness Center for live music, a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, and above all else, hockey.

“It’s an amazing experience,” said Dr. Bill Sproule, local hockey historian. “It’s just a passion for hockey all across the Copper Country, and it’s a great event here for Calumet. To be recognized as one of the hotbeds of hockey in the United States, and really in the world is great. So it’s really a fun celebration.”

Former NHL player Jeremy Roenick got a chance to meet with members of the community, and spoke about what winning this competition says about Calumet and the surrounding area.

“This is a competition that we absolutely love doing every year,” said Roenick. “To go out and celebrate hockey, and try and find the most passionate hockey community in America. When you think of that, as we sit here in Calumet, just a small town of a couple thousand people if that in the surrounding area, and here they bonded together to win a competition, that shows their passion for the game.”

Also at the banquet was the surprise presentation of a Kraft Hockeyville banner, to be hung in the Calumet Colosseum’s rafters for years to come.