The start of Hockeyville week in Calumet

CALUMET — Today marks the start of Hockeyville week in Calumet, where there are events planned every day leading up to the big NHL preseason game happening on Thursday between the Detroit Red Wings and the St. Louis Blues.

The week began this morning at the Calumet High School gym where the Stanley Cup of the NHL, and the MacNaughton Cup of the WCHA, were both on display and available for photographs.

Students of all grades had a chance to visit the gym and see the prestigious cups, and the seniors took their class photo with the Stanley cup, something that not many schools in the country can say they’ve done.

“It’s special. It’s something that has been around for so long, it’s something that players will try to earn and get their names engraved on for their whole lives,” said Howie Borrow,  Stanley Cup Handler, Hockey Hall of Fame. “It’s something they’ve always dreamed of. So it’s really special to those that follow the game and play the game.”

While the MacNaughton cup is no stranger to Copper Country, the arrival of the Stanley Cup and the NHL to the small village of Calumet has been creating a lot of excitement.

“From what I hear, everyone is super enthused and happy to have it here,” explained Borrow. “It’s not every day that people, maybe from this part of the country, has the opportunity to see the cup live. So when we bring it to them and share it with them, it’s pretty exciting. I think the whole event itself is exciting. You know, because Kraft and the NHL are helping out with this.”

After leaving the school, the cups moved over to the Calumet Colosseum where they were joined by the Gibson Cup which is awarded to the series winners of the Portage Lake Pioneers and the Calumet Wolverines.

At center ice of the oldest ice rink in the nation sat the three oldest cups in hockey, and it was truly a sight to see.