Local Boy Scouts getting ready to sell popcorn

MARQUETTE — Popcorn lovers around the UP should be excited, because Boy Scout popcorn season is upon us.

Local Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops from around the UP are getting their signature popcorn ready by the box-load, to raise money for a good cause.

“Our popcorn sales are so important because it funds a year of program for our Cub Scout packs and our BSA troops throughout the UP,” “Each individual pack or troop uses this as their main fundraiser for the year. By supporting our popcorn sale, they lessen the amount of fundraising they have to do throughout the year.”

Some fan favorites include chocolate lovers, cheese lovers, caramel, and extra butter popcorn.

Last year, approximately $5,000 was raised on average for each troop, which comes out to about $300,000 for the entire UP.