NMU kicks off 2nd Annual Bike Week

MARQUETTE —¬†Northern Michigan University’s 2nd Annual Bike Week is planned for this week, and it has a lot of cool events going on.

Bike Week is designed to promote health, safety and sustainability in a bike-friendly environment. Northern Michigan University hopes to increase ridership in the community and want to improve bike commuting habits for students, faculty, staff, and community members alike.

They will be providing unique programs and opportunities throughout the week involving bikes, trails and community activities.

“I think for the community we have such a great infrastructure that we do,” said Myah Tatay, Coordinator for NMU Bike Week. “We have trails, roads that have bike lanes and you do not have that in a lot of communities.”

NMU’s Bike week event is also going at the same time as Michigan Technological University’s first-ever Bike Week.

For more information on the events for NMU Bike Week you can click here.