Marquette Regional History Center presents UP brewing history

MARQUETTE — All of this week is Craft Beer Week in Marquette, which is always full of beer related events leading up to Beer Fest on Saturday. While some events may just give people beer, one particular event tries to educate people on brewing history as well.

The Marquette Regional History Center held a fundraiser Wednesday evening, which consisted of several discussions about the rich history of brewing the Upper Peninsula.  The event also featured snacks and samples of beer from the Upper Peninsula Brewing Company.

“We have such a wealth of experts here in our organization that can speak about the history of brewing and prohibition,” said Adam Beergeer, Fundraising Manager at Marquette Regional History Center. “The beer festival is really catching on. There are a lot of people coming from out of town who maybe don’t know that much about the history of Marquette, and we just want to give everyone a way to get introduced to the history of this wonderful place.”

Besides talking about the brewing history, the head brewer of the new Upper Peninsula Brewing Company got a chance to talk about the new brewery and restaurant that will be opening in Negaunee.

“When the famous castle building opened in Marquette, the Negaunee Brewery shut down,” said Ryan Engemann, Head Brewer at the Upper Peninsula Brewing Company. “So there is a precedence for the Upper Peninsula Brewing Company in Negaunee. We just really felt that Negaunee needed a brewery, a cool community place. It’s going to be a place where everyone can hang out and have a great time. Have some great food, have a great beer and just enjoy the beautiful community we have up here.”

Beer Fest will be happening this Saturday in Mattson Lower Harbor Park in Marquette, and the Upper Peninsula Brewing Company in Negaunee is expected to be open later this fall.